Various blends from our special master coffee roast

Emporio Blend – The Star & High Achiever In The Family

Tastes like: Rich Caramel, Meringue, Dark Berries
Roast Level: Medium
Best Suited for : Espresso Machine, Pour-over Filter, Plunger, Aeropress

Emporio is our star high achiever in the family as the ongoing medal winner, starting with our first gold and champion trophies back in 2010. It’s been designed as a smooth, lighter roasted espresso blend and features notes of caramel, meringue, and dark berries; and a soft lavender aroma. Emporio was the first blend we ever featured in the roastery – impressing the industry’s top coffee connoisseurs and local punters alike!



Ultimo Blend – The Rich, Bold & Smooth Rival House Blend

Tastes like: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Toasted Almond
Roast Level: Dark Roast
Best Suited for : Espresso Machine, Percolator

After feedback from passionate supporters of our Italian blend we chose to create another blend of close similarity, but with a flavour profile featuring enhanced richness and depth. Ultimo is a dark roasted coffee blend designed to deliver intense, strong character with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, and toasted almond. When you’re looking for a distinctly rich, wake-me-up coffee with kick, this would be your ultimate choice.



Italian Blend – Our Original House Blend & Cafe Favourite

Tastes like: Cocoa, Caramlised Cherry, Brown Spice
Roast Level : Dark Roast
Best Suited for : Espresso Machine, Percolator

The Italian blend has been adored by coffee lovers as our primary house blend since doors opened in 2011. It’s grown to represent the signature flavour of SRVL1 Coffee, with notes of cocoa, caramelised cherry, and brown spice; and featuring a lovely smooth mouthfeel. Its lingering richness conveys these flavours fully as both espresso and long black; and when paired with milk it delivers a sweet, velvety textured cocoa and hazelnut flavour profile.