About Our Coffee

Our Philosophy

Our coffee is an experience to be savoured, not a necessity to be endured.

Some see their daily cup of coffee as a means to survive the week, but we see it as so much more than that.

Each lot of coffee has been carefully selected, roasted and brewed to showcase the full range of flavours that the beans offer. By carefully selecting single original coffees from the best growing regions around the world, we know that we’re delivering a taste experience that is unsurpassed.

Our Passion for Single Origin Coffees

Simply put, a single origin coffee is any coffee that has been harvested from a specific geographical region. This means that the beans have all been produced in the same area under the same climate conditions which directly defines the taste of the coffee.

Our Coffee Guarantee

Our roastery is the only one to have won Champion trophies at all three Royal Fine Food Shows’ coffee competitions in it’s first attempt at each show – an incredible achievement that is not likely to ever be repeated in the future.

Our coffee company is the leading award winner in Australia, with more gold medals and champion trophies than any other, holding prizes in multiple categories including: espresso, cappuccino, filter (syphon), cold brew, organic and direct trade coffees.

Our accolades stem from a series of awards across several of our different blends including our Emporio and Mocha Java blends as well as single origin coffees from Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Colombia and Panama.

This showcases the great range of skill and quality of our roasters who have garnered acclaim for such a wide variety of products and specialist coffee styles.